We build competencies
for the future
of your child

We have after school programs that are unique to our school

Young inventors need to be encouraged.

Together with researchers from University
of Reykjavik
we developed creative programs for use with new technologies
and supportive of soft skills.

Out task is to provide a creative atmosphere where extraordinary projects have the potential to be created.




Odpowiedzialność społeczna firm CSR

LBA conducts prospective activities. We want to make sure that our knowledge related to technological progress includes people that might otherwise be socially excluded.

That is why we work with organizations who help people from all economic classes. These organizations network and develop contacts for people with disabilities, and we teach them practical skills like the ability to create websites and learn basic programming skills. These programs are analogues and the intensity matches the age of the group.

If your company would like to do something good and exiting as part of the CSR strategy, please contact us.



Nasza historia

The future economy belongs to one word: Innovation.

Every innovation is created by actively discussing
and exchanging ones views.

In 2014 together with our friends from Icelandic University of Reykjavik, we thought about the direction the current education system is heading. We tried to answer the question whether the education system is able to keep up with technological progress and future possibilities.

We came to the conclusion; informal education, due to the possibility of quick decisions, has a chance to fill this missing point in the current educational system. We have decided to create a place where you will be able to gain knowledge about solutions in the future. That’s how “Little Bit Academy” was created. Bit it is a basic computer unit which is the base of every discussion we have in our classrooms.





You should not be afraid of anything in life, you should only understand it.


Maria Skłodowska - Curie

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